Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carlson Full Time MBA statistics

I have a neat little program called Statcounter running on this website. It allows me to see the location of the people viewing my blog as well as any referring URLs that led them here. I can see quite a few people found my blog through searches for things like "Carlson GMAT" or "Carlson GPA", so for the sake of convenience, I will post some relevant Carlson stats here.

Carlson Full Time Class of 2009 (taken from here)

Class size: 93
Average GMAT: 661
GMAT Range- Middle 80%: 610-720
Average GPA: 3.38
Average Age: 28
Average Years of Work Experience: 4.49
% International: 29%
% Women: 27%
Foreign Countries Represented: 11
US States Represented: 18

Undergraduate Major
Business: 32%
Economics: 11%
Social Science: 12%
Humanities: 11%
Engineering: 15%
Science/Math: 18%
Other: 1%

Due to financial restrictions (my whopping $600 per month salary), I was unable to attend the Carlson admitted students weekend. I can't really provide any insight into this coming year's class, but by looking at the profiles of current students I can see that the Carlson Full Time MBA student body is made up of capable people from all professional sectors and all walks of life. Click here and here for a small sample of the high-caliber students that attend Carlson. A few highlights:

-A financial consultant from Wells Fargo
-A marketer that worked for the largest infant formula manufacturer in China
-A naval officer that trained students in the principles of nuclear power
-A Director of Marketing and Advertising at a non-profit youth camp
-A man that worked with the World Bank to develop businesses that are environmentally friendly

As the competition for spots in the Class of 2010 was even more fierce than that seen in the past few years, I can only assume that this year's incoming class will be as good, if not better, than the class of 2009.

Employment Statistics (taken from here)

Accepted Average Salary: $87,118
Accepted Range: $52,000-$122,000
Graduates Employed within 3 Months: 93%

Average Salary by professional function

General Management--Average:$93,834--Range:$66,000-$122,000


Percentage receiving bonus: 70%
Average Bonus: $15,582
Range: $2,500-$30,000

MBA internships

Percentage of students with internships: 97%
Average pay: $31.45 per hour
Range: $12.00-$50.77

As Carlson is a strong regional program, it places most of its graduates in the Minneapolis area. When considering salary statistics, one needs to remember that the quality of life that a $75,000 salary in Minneapolis affords is equal to (taken from here):

$102,336 in the New York City area
$88,318 in Boston
$85, 514 in Seattle
$86, 916 in Miami
$105,841 in Los Angeles
$119,860 in San Francisco

Ok, I hope this helps out anyone searching for Carlson's statistics. This is a nice little summary, but you can always check out Carlson's main website for more detail.

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