Monday, October 6, 2008


It is time for finals, yet I feel less stressed out.

Yup, because the first semester of the Carlson MBA is on the quarter system, it's time for finals and it is only October. The last few weeks have been sort of nightmarish, as we had to plow our way through midterms as well as work on group projects that are due right around now. We have finals this Friday, and then next Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. As my test taking strategy involves studying 3 or 4 days before the test and all of my classes, save Strategy class, have no more readings or assignments, I am sitting here on a Sunday with pretty much nothing to do.

Even though I feel less pressure than I felt in the last few weeks, I still am not completely relaxed. After weeks of going full throttle, I keep having these nagging thoughts like, "You must be forgetting something," or, "You can't just sit there and do nothing. There must be something you can do!"

Man, I need to learn how to relax a bit.


Grace said... did you do?

Unconventional Applicant said...

A in Marketing and A- in Financial Accounting so far. Still waiting on two classes.